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As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly diverse and sophisticated, medical equipment suppliers need help to keep up with technologies supporting their growing business needs. CRM systems must get updated regularly to stay competitive and compatible with operational requirements. Companies seek custom-tailored CRM solutions with industry-specific features to support their unique business processes.

You can contact us if you are looking for a custom CRM solution. We would be happy to discuss your business process and how we can help you align it with technology. We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

Introduction Phase: Understanding Clients' Pain Points and Goals.

For 15 years, Addax has been applying the best software development practices to help our partners achieve their business goals. Delivering custom-tailored solutions that work, continuously enriching with upgrades to help companies succeed. We mostly get new clients via personal recommendations, client referrals, and product collaborations. This client working in the medical equipment supply chain in New Jersey and came to us through a referral from one of our existing clients who had worked with us on a similar Salesforce project.

We approached them with apprehension as it was clear that they had experienced a few failed CRM projects before. After listening attentively to the client's pain points and goals, doing whiteboard sessions and requirements gathering, we proposed a realistic project plan outlining the scope, timeline, budget, deliverables, and expected outcome. The core objectives were:

  • Managing and improving data capturing from multiple websites, including leads, quotes, service and financing requests.  
  • Managing complex product pricing structures, including financing and warranty options.
  • Improving management of Sales Territory where it can overlap with the product or bundle-specific Sales Rep.
  • Improving the data flow where the ERP team owns the product pricing and CRM has to support quoting with complex team sales.
  • Improving the client lifecycle from Lead to Sales. 
  • Train client staff on how to use effectively and efficiently.

Project launch: Winning formula for Salesforce project.

Addax utilized various methodologies to gather project requirements during the initial vetting and consulting. Involving: in-depth interviews, whiteboard sessions, and requirements gathering sessions with stakeholders, mapping out workflows and use cases, identifying clients' pain points, understanding their business needs, and defining goals.

After a few weeks, we proposed a comprehensive solution along with the project plan. It included a statement of work, a budget estimate, and a contract specifying the terms and conditions of payment, ownership, warranty, liability, and confidentiality. Upon presenting it to the client, they clarified some questions, and we ensured complete comprehension of the proposed solution and expected deliverables. They signed off on it and agreed to proceed. Throughout the project, we maintained open communication to keep the project on track and meet expectations. Project consisted of three main phases:

  • Lead Management: Addax to build a custom Lead Conversion process in Salesforce that will allow Sales Reps to follow the Territories while managing records duplication and Account creation that needs to be vetoed by the credit department.

  • Quoting process:: Addax to create a custom 'Add products' functionality to cover all aspects of product pricing complexity with over 300000 SKUs, including bundles and promotions. Once products are added to the Opportunity and then copied to the Quote, Addax creates a custom Digital Quoting where Sales Rep can still add products and send a digital quote to the client with multiple price options, showing promotional discounts and bundles. New price discounts are managed with custom functionality due to their complexity.

  • CRM integrations: Addax customized Salesforce integrations with Websites and ERP systems to streamline the process and support necessary changes in the proposed approach. In some cases, the data flow was reversed the opposite way to support faster quoting.

When the tension goes up: Overcoming issues with CRM projects.

At some point, we felt tension between different Sales groups rising. We provided additional explanations and demos to reassure the correctness of the approach. In the end, all groups were satisfied, and as we saw later, it did not affect the adoption process.

After months of hard work, the big launch day finally arrived. Addax utilized Salesforce training materials to develop user-friendly assets such as videos, in-app guidance, and user guides, drastically improving end-users learning curve and overall experience. We provided ongoing support and on-demand assistance via office hours for another two weeks and answered any questions to ensure a smooth transition. Finally, when the users were comfortable with the new CRM, we stepped aside for any heavy development support.

The Delivery phase: counting ROI, Achievements, and Accolades.

The system was delivered in 6 months, reliably and successfully meeting all client demands. Medical equipment supplier claimed notable gains in their sales and customer service performance. By improving lead capturing and management, sales efforts were reduced overall, but the open sales pipeline increased by 25%. Improved process of quoting pushed the Sales up by 25%. Extensive visibility, insights, and decision-making capabilities given by the transparency into Sales Process increased overall revenue by 30%.

Medical equipment suppliers' feedback was overwhelmingly encouraging. Once again, we delivered a remarkably positive ROI. The client complimented our experience, professionalism, and inventiveness: "Addax enabled us to do our work much more quickly. This deployment has positive effects on every aspect of our company. This collaboration allowed us to see our business processes from a new angle. We now continually think about ways to make them better and more automated."

Author: Yaroslav
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