Is Your Website Connected to Your CRM? Explore Techniques to enhance your Lead Management

In today's digital age, businesses rely heavily on their website to attract and engage potential customers. To fully utilize your website, you must ensure it produces valuable leads. Integrating 'Contact Us' forms is simple, but this will yield very few results. What you need is a "lead magnet" so the visitor can lease the contact information.

This article will discuss various techniques to connect your website to your CRM.


Web to Lead

Many CRMs, including Salesforce, offer simple solutions that enable you as an Admin to generate a script in CRM and copy/paste it into your web page. Pasting this script on your page will appear as fields already connected to a CRM object, like a Lead. Any information entered into these fields is populated in the new Lead record. This solution is a great way to connect your webpage quickly and may be a quick alternative. Unfortunately, this solution is not flexible. It won't check for duplicates, and it will not create a related record. You can use CRM internal tools to create a corresponding record, but you won't be able to validate the incoming data correctly. 

Author: Yaro
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