Key features to look out for in Winter 2020 Release

Salesforce makes sure to bring out features adding values for both End users and developers. That’s one of the many reasons why the admins and consultants of the Salesforce world keep a keen eye on the release. As we speak, the Winter 2020 release has been introduced, and it is by far one of the best Release introduced by Salesforce. Here is a list of the key features which make Winter 2020 an effort to salute.

  1. MEGA UPDATE - Much awaited move for Lightning: With Winter’20, Salesforce is activating Lightning Experience on a rolling basis. Users will retain their access to Classic Experience. But Lightning Experience is where you want to be for driving business growth and improving productivity. If you wish to keep certain users from being migrated to Lightning, make sure they have a Customer profile assigned since all users with any standard profile will have Lightning-enabled with Winter 2020. If you have been looking forward to your Salesforce org. To Lightning, this would be the best time to start with getting a Lightning Readiness assessment, defining a roadmap for migration and planning for communicating and training end-users for Lightning.

  2. Additions to Flows: One of the most loved features for any developer would be “Flows”. To give a brief description, Salesforce Flows provide a Drag and Drop configurable interface to implement functionalities that would otherwise require coding. Needless to say, Salesforce Flows have been widely accepted owing to the effort savings it brings and Winter’20 release will further enhance the benefits with below additions
    • Ability to schedule Flows: Moving ahead, you can define the frequency and time for a Flow to run without any dependency on Record interactions
    • Ability to add Lightning Components: With Winter’20, developers will have the option to create Lightning Web components using HTML/ Java scripts and these components to Flows

  3. Surveys from Process Builder: This feature addition from Winter’20 enhances both Process Builder and Survey functionality. With the ability to send Survey as a task from Process Builder, Salesforce will enable the users to both create and auto-trigger surveys from within the platform without any coding efforts.

  4. Simplified Reporting: Winter’20 will introduce the ability (Beta version) of identifying the unique entries in a report, you can click the options arrow on the column to be considered for unique records and select “ Show Unique Count”

  5. Customer service with WeChat and Whatsapp: Winter’20 brings in the much-awaited ability to integrate Service Console with WeChat and WhatsApp messaging service. With a WeChat/ WhatsApp Official Service Account, you can provide service in China and globally. Agents reply from the Service Console. The feature is available as a pilot to select customers only. To avail the feature, a case has to be submitted to Salesforce

So go ahead and explore these cool new features. We ensure you a joy ride.
Author: Yaroslav
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