Salesforce: It’s So Much More Than CRM!

Salesforce has been helping organizations handle their valuable records for more than two decades. It has allowed companies operating across all key industries to cater to their customers in the best ways possible. Over time, Salesforce has created its niche in the market and has become an undefeatable player in the industry!

If you are willing to implement Salesforce within your organization, it is important to know that it is much more than a CRM platform. While it has all the features of a cloud-based CRM platform, it is a much more versatile platform that is no less than an ecosystem of its own. Salesforce is often referred to as an ‘ecosystem’ by veterans as it provides users with a myriad of different tools, features, applications, and add-ons. It is a centralized platform that allows organizations to streamline their processes and attain all their objectives. 

Here are some of the most important aspects that highlight the fact that Salesforce is much more than a CRM platform:

Going Beyond Leads And Contacts


Unlike most of its competitors in the market, Salesforce takes data management beyond handling leads and contacts. While the cloud-based platform allows users to manage leads from the moment they are acquired and score them based on their behaviour, its functionality is not limited to this. 

Along with managing leads and contacts, Salesforce helps users handle contracts, invoices, and much more. It is built to facilitate the seamless creation and sharing of contracts and invoices. The platform uses the data stored within the system based on the client you are engaging with and the deal you are carrying out with them. This allows you to build customized invoices and contracts, helping you save time and effort in doing so.


Seamless Customer Support

Along with managing your customer database, Salesforce allows you to provide seamless and personalized customer support. Salesforce Service Cloud is dedicated to understanding the context of the issues faced by your customers providing them with tailor-made solutions. 

The cloud-based platform prevents your customers from receiving generic and delayed responses while seeking support. With Service Cloud, you can be there for your customers at all times through customer agents as well as chatbots. Moreover, Salesforce uses automated knowledge management to retrieve the right information for providing the right support.

Instead of writing multiple emails and making multiple calls, Salesforce helps your customers obtain quick, personalized, and relevant support. 

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling is the process of collecting important information about clients and building their unique personas. Through progressive profiling, Salesforce allows you to build unique buying journeys for every customer you cater to. 

From the moment a lead is acquired, the platform helps you create a distinct profile for the same. This facilitates seamless tracking of the activities performed for converting the lead into a customer until the sale is made. With progressive profiling, Salesforce also helps you decide the best course of action while engaging with individual clients for getting the desired results. 

This allows Salesforce users to focus on every single lead acquired by them and be there for their customers at every stage of their buying journeys.

Fruitful Customization

Salesforce is a highly customizable platform. Unlike many CRM platforms in the market, its functionality can be tailored according to the specific needs and preferences of your organization. While it provides you with a basic set of tools and features, you can add, remove, and change the same according to the business processes you want to focus on, the customers you want to serve, and the business objectives you want to achieve. 

This makes Salesforce implementation one of the most important and dynamic processes. As you engage with an implementation partner, they understand the objectives you want to achieve via Salesforce. Based on these objectives, they would build a platform that is unique for your business and clients. By customizing Salesforce, you can avoid compromising your business-specific processes while using the CRM platform. 

Holistic Inventory Management

Apart from catering to your customer and providing them with personalized solutions, Salesforce also helps you with inventory management. It provides you with a range of different tools and features dedicated to keeping track of inventory, managing orders, ensuring precision, notifying lack of inventory, obtaining order information, billing orders, and much more. 

Streamlined Fleet Management

Did you know that Salesforce can be used for fleet management? With the help of automated tools and features, Salesforce helps you ensure that your fleet (cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, specialist vehicles, etc.) keeps running on time and within your budget. Right from asset management and fleet routing to vehicle acquisition and billing, Salesforce helps you handle all fleet management activities from a centralized platform. 

Salesforce For HR And Recruitment

The CRM functionality of Salesforce can be extended to the domain of HR and recruitment. By storing valuable records about your employees, your HR managers can reach out to them individually and resolve all their issues with Salesforce. 

Salesforce can also be used for recruiting and onboarding employees within your organization. The cloud-based platform provides you with multiple features including Open Positions Management, Candidates Management, Resume Management, and more. Right from scheduling interviews to engaging with the candidates, Salesforce helps you recruit employees in a hassle-way way. 

Seamless Third-party Integrations

Being a customizable platform, the functionality of Salesforce can be enhanced by integrating it with third-party platforms and services. Through seamless API integrations, you can connect Salesforce with a range of suitable databases, ERPs, proprietary software, etc. This allows users to work on a single unified platform instead of switching between platforms for performing their tasks. Salesforce has already garnered enough popularity in the market by integrating readily with platforms like Slack, MailChimp, PayPal, QuickBooks, JIRA, and many more. 

The Final Word

These were some of the many reasons why Salesforce is much more than a conventional CRM platform. The cloud-based ecosystem is designed to help organizations streamline almost every business process and provide their clients with nothing but the best!

Author: Yaroslav
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