Using Mozilla Thunderbird To Increase Your Email Productivity

Opening multiple tabs to read your messages can hurt your productivity. You need a desktop email client to make the most of your reading time. While webmail may provide some of the features you need to get by, it can be cumbersome to navigate and doesn’t have as many features as desktop email clients. Mozilla Thunderbird is one the best email clients available today, it’s free and comes jam-packed with cutting-edge features to make your reading time more productive. Here are some key features of Mozilla Thunderbird:

You Can Add An Unlimited Number Of Email Accounts

Thunderbird lets you add an unlimited number of email accounts at no cost. You can apply tags and filters to make messages easier to find. The platform also comes with an automated spam detection system that preempts spam, allowing you to focus on important messages.

It Supports Multiple Platforms

Using Thunderbird doesn't mean you will miss out on the web features. Thunderbird has a built-in messaging client that allows you to connect and chat with your friends and co-workers via platforms such as Google Talk, Twitter, and Facebook. Thunderbird can help you keep up with the latest trends and news with a feature like RSS reader that allows users to read headlines from around the world. It also supports multiple calendars to help you plan and schedule your day. Thunderbird can be very helpful; you can check your schedule, read your messages and catch up with the news all from one interface.

It’s Easy To Set Up

Getting up and running is very simple with Thunderbird. If you want to set up email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, enter your email address and Thunderbird will automatically detect appropriate settings. You can either pick IMAP or POP3 if you opt for the latter your messages will be saved on your computer so you can access them offline. You can enjoy even more functionalities by downloading third-party extensions. To install extensions, mouse over to the left side of the platform and click tools then select add-ons, you will be directed to a store where you can download and install extensions of all kinds to enhance your email experience.

Author: Yaroslav
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