Is Your Website Connected to Your CRM? Explore Techniques to enhance your Lead Management

Dive into our comprehensive guide as we explore the ins and outs of connecting your website to your CRM. Learn how to improve lead management and unlock your site's full potential, paving the way for business growth and unparalleled success. Don't miss these essential techniques and strategies – get started now!

Improving Salesforce for medical equipment Supplier ☁️

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly diverse and sophisticated, medical equipment suppliers need help to keep up with technologies supporting their growing business needs. CRM systems must get updated regularly to stay competitive and compatible with operational requirements. Companies seek custom-tailored CRM solutions with industry-specific features to support their unique business processes.

Salesforce: It’s So Much More Than CRM!

Salesforce has been helping organizations handle their valuable records for more than two decades. It has allowed companies operating across all key industries to cater to their customers in the best ways possible. Over time, Salesforce has created its niche in the market and has become an undefeatable player in the industry!

How Client Portal Increases The Loyalty Of Your Clients

Customers have always been at the center of all processes carried out by an organization. When you tailor your services according to the needs and preferences of your clients, you are bound to get the desired traction. Salesforce has been providing personalized CRM solutions to organizations for more than two decades, helping users record, store, analyze, track, and share valuable customer records. With adequate Salesforce customization, you can tailor the platform on the basis of your clients’ requirements, building a healthy relationship with them.

Prepare for Upcoming Critical Update Enforcement: Restricting Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods

If you are a Salesforce admin/developer/support agent or plays any other role in managing a Salesforce org for your company or your client, you may have come across this very important and critical announcement that was made by Salesforce recently which might impact your company’s/client’s Salesforce org and needs urgent attention in order to ensure business continuity. Salesforce has been sending out the below email as a reminder to all Salesforce org owners/managers to draw their attention towards this major change coming up in Winter’21 release.

Secure Object Permissions for Guest Users

Salesforce has introduced new security and sharing policies for external/guest users. Starting with Summer 20 release, Salesforce will be actively promoting relatively controlled access for external users in your Salesforce org. Here is everything you need to know about the change.

Dynamic Layouts - Salesforce Upcoming Release Winter'21

Customer and user experience have become the 2 biggest drivers in the CRM space lately. Salesforce itself has had Customer and user experience at the epicenter of its offerings. All Salesforce products justify this initiative of Salesforce and Salesforce makes it a point to regularly upgrade and improve the customer and user experience for its users.

Assign Tasks to Queues in Salesforce

Salesforce core platform provides many great features and automation tools to enable users from different teams to work collaboratively and efficiently. Amongst these, user queues and tasks are 2 common features. User queues help your teams to manage a case, leads and other objects in collaboration and a group of users can own a record collectively. Cases and leads can be assigned to both users and queues.