Donation Technology

Affordable Fundraising Solution For Nonprofits


Our solution for your Nonprofit

We are software development company automating business processes for our clients. The product we created will automate your Donations process.


Donation Page

Page style matching your website plus it is connected.

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Connection to Stripe

Information from Donation page goes to your Stripe account.

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Connection to Quickbooks

After processing at Stripe information goes to QB.

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Connection to CRM

Donor's information will also be recorded to your CRM.

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Connect your apps and make your Business process automated.

We created worry free set up and our support is free for the life. All you need is to enter your credentials.


Powerful dashboard

If you decide to your Salesforce. Dashboards are coming with it - free and powerful.

Cloud Sync

Always connected

All apps are connected for as long as you want. You have full control.


Check these awesome features


No transaction Fee

Our High Capacity tools allows us to process a lot of transactions each millisecond. Why we have to charge the transaction fee?



Salesforce provides free 10 licenses for any registered 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit.

Cog Wheel

Free Support

We provide free support for free for the life.

Return Policy

Auto Allocation in QB

Tell us what Account you want each transaction to be allocate and watch it happening. Bookkeepers love it.


You have full Control

Full control any time. Turn it off or on.


Keep your payment processor

Do you already have Stripe/PayPal/ account? Use it. Whatever is yours stays yours.

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