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Jira & Salesforce
Two Way Integration

Power up your Salesforce CRM business workflow through
seamless integration with Jira

$500 per year – No hidden fee – Free support


You will not interrupt Salesforce existing support processes

Salesforce Team works in Salesforce, Your Development team works in Jira. Where is the catch? They collaborate without interruption.

Only one checkbox in Salesforce and issue in Jira is created. Attachemnts added, Status,Type and Priority are synchronized.

Team working in Jira has all they need and they can still work in their environment.

Issues are coming under one Jira project so they easily located.

Custom fields can be added to synchronization. You do not need to duplicate Jira issue to crate internal issue. You control which comment goes back to Salesforce. The team is working the same way.



Integrated both ways. Development Team controls which comment leaves Jira


You do not need to copy paste attachments between systems. The Integration is doing it for you.


You control fields mapping. Status, Type and Priorities are synced both ways. Custom fields can be added.

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