Quickbooks & Salesforce
Two Way Integration

Empower Leader to Make Informed Decisions

quickbook and salesforce reports monitoring page


Eliminates double data entry

  • All data will seamlessly flow between two systems
  • No more copy and pasting Customer information
  • No more paid invoice emails
  • Data synchronization is every 1 min
  • No more late nights at the office, entering sales orders into Quickbooks

Make financial data part of your 360 customer view

  • Customer information in Salesforce will be enriched with financial information
  • Your sales team will receive auto emails from Salesforce when the invoice is paid
  • Your sales team would be staying on top of unpaid invoices
  • Salesforce reports will show exactly how much the sales pipeline is worth
  • Finally, you can link Marketing expenses and your company Sales receipts to see true Marketing ROI

You choose the source of truth

  • Both systems are synchronized, allowing easy access to needed finances
  • We understand if you want to keep product pricing in Quickbooks. Salesforce will be updated automatically on every change
  • We understand if you want to use Quickbooks for only invoicing, while keeping the rest of your information on Salesforce – we will synchronize everything

Make Quickbooks a part of your business process

  • Successful business needs a process
  • Quickbooks is part of the process empowering business leaders to make educated decisions
  • Full and deep integration will allow your business leader to see account’s financial information. Providing them with real time reports to analyze company’s KPIs
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