Salesforce Customization

AddaxCRM helps you address the specific challenges of your business by customizing and augmenting the Salesforce platform according to your business needs and requirements.

Salesforce customization services

We understand that any business – big or small – has a number of unique aspects when it comes to its operational processes. We help you uncover the full potential of your Salesforce CRM application by tailoring it to your specific needs and employee preferences. AddaxCRM's team features technical experts in Salesforce customization, consulting and custom development, and our work is performed according to industry best practices.

What we Do

Custom Data Structures

  • Create data models to suit your business profile, over and above the standard sales, marketing and service objects
  • Integrate 3rd party ERP application objects with diverse database schemas for seamless data transfer
  • Create and deploy custom CRM apps quickly with Salesforce PaaS (platform as a service) without expensive infrastructure costs

Custom User Interface

  • Create an intuitive, modern UI for your Salesforce application, in line with your brand guidelines and company requirements
  • Integrate custom-managed modules with state of the art 3rd party, prebuilt components form Salesforce Appexchange
  • Create complex web forms and easy-to-use online tools and calculators as per custom rules unique to your business

What makes AddaxCRM Unique ?

Exclusive Certified Resources

Salesforce CRM certified resources for all CRM project implementations

Extensive Industry Experience

Domain experts to ensure business objectives are clearly defined and met

Impeccable Program Management

Proficient managers to ensure timely turnarounds and manage project risks

Post Deployment Support

Handholding and change management to boost CRM solution adoption in your enterprise

Top 5 pitfalls to workout for in Salesforce customization

Customizing Salesforce CRM has many potential pitfalls along the way, and only the best Salesforce personalized services can help you strike the balance between customization and complexity. We help you create a tailored solution, without compromising on scalability and security by avoiding each of the following snags.

Data Quality Issues

  • We ensure your data is migration ready before being migrated to Salesforce CRM by validating and de-duplicating all records
  • We ensure future data integrity through the customized use of required fields, data validation, deduplication rules, external IDs for integration points and field level security

Inadequate Prototyping and Testing

  • We use Salesforce sandboxes for development, quality assurance, integration, staging, testing, and end-user training
  • We thoroughly test customizations, integrations, API calls, and apps before you push to production and roll out to your users

Excess Customization

  • We help you strike the right balance between flexibility and complexity by customizing only where necessary
  • We ensure the CRM system doesn’t become too complex to accommodate future changes in business processes and rules

Inadequate Business Involvement and Adoption

  • We incorporate training for your users during the UAT stage, for customized CRM systems, rather than waiting for the final rollout
  • We involve business users in defining personalized requirements, while also informing them of the many "out of the box" features that Salesforce offers

Using CRM Only For Sales

  • Your Salesforce CRM can be customized for much more than sales or even CRM functions, it can be used by HR, operations and IT departments too
  • Salesforce CRM can be a single source of truth across departments, leading to decreased software costs and improved productivity
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