Salesforce Data Migration Services

AddaxCRM helps you migrate from any legacy setup to a state-of-the-art Salesforce CRM platform without any hassles

Salesforce Migration services

If your startup business is in outgrowing spreadsheets or if your existing CRM system is not aligned with your business processes - migrating to Salesforce CRM can bring your team a drastic performance improvement solution. Salesforce CRM deployment, however, is a complex exercise with numerous pitfalls, making migration of legacy data an important and inevitable part of it. AddaxCRM solves your Salesforce migration from any type of legacy systems issues, without any hitches.

CRM system migration

  • Migrate from any on-premise, cloud-based or custom-built CRM system to Salesforce
  • Map standard objects such as contacts and opportunities as well as custom objects as per niche business requirements
  • Salesforce CRM provides process and reporting improvement

Legacy setup migration

  • Migrate data from spreadsheets, custom portals, partner systems and ERP applications
  • Handle diverse file formats, data structures, and business rules through a combination of automated and manual techniques
  • Plan for replacing or retiring obsolete systems with Salesforce CRM

What makes AddaxCRM Unique ?

Exclusive Certified Resources

Salesforce CRM certified resources for all CRM project implementations

Extensive Industry Experience

Domain experts to ensure business objectives are clearly defined and met

Impeccable Program Management

Proficient managers to ensure timely turnarounds and manage project risks

Post Deployment Support

Handholding and change management to boost CRM solution adoption in your enterprise

AddaxCRM Salesforce migration approach

Data migration is one of the most underestimated aspects of Salesforce CRM implementation projects. It can have a tremendous impact on the overall cost and timelines as well as the post-deployment effectiveness of your Salesforce CRM application. We at AddaxCRM, help you meticulously plan and prepare for every data quality issue pre and post-deployment. So your CRM system can go live without any glitches or surprises.

Data Cleansing and Formatting

  • Filter for duplicate, incomplete and inconsistent data records prior to migration to ensure only quality data enters the new system
  • Split and merge values into fields to ensure the destination fields required format is in the new database

Data mapping

  • Map each and every field in the legacy application database to its destination in Salesforce CRM database with entity relationship diagrams
  • Ensure validation and record ownership rules are met for custom fields and Salesforce system/audit fields, before beginning a Salesforce migration

Data importing

  • Backup data and run small initial imports in a sandbox environment for validation and course correction
  • Ensure the expected reports, search functions and UI requirements of Salesforce CRM are met by importing the optimum number of tables
  • Use automated import tools and scripts to expedite the process and cut down on migration cost and time

Post-migration support

  • Ensure that your brand new Salesforce CRM platform is perfectly configured with data validations, to avoid future data quality issues
  • Make necessary adjustments for exceptions and errors post Salesforce migration, to align with changes in business workflows and processes
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