Salesforce Integration

AddaxCRM helps you connect Salesforce with various business applications to ensure seamless data flow across your enterprise
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Our team includes experts in

Front End

HTML, CSS, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, Redux


PHP, Node JS, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, Kotlin


MySQL, Microsoft SQL server


XML, JSON, Middleware and APIs, Webservices

Mobile App

Android OS, iOS

AddaxCRM Salesforce Integration Services

Whether the systems you use are internal to your organization or 3rd party, on-premise or cloud-based, off-the-shelf or even completely custom made, AddaxCRM is adept in handling integration challenges of any complexity. From simple data exchange application integration to combining complex business rules for automating end-to-end processes. Everything is possible with the endless integration options available with Salesforce.

Dell Boomi

  • Continuous Innovation
    Since the beginning, Boomi has been pioneering cloud-native integration. Auto-healing, auto-updating and smart, our platform is built on the industry's most advanced distributed architecture
  • Productivity and Control
    Boomi provides revolutionary development speed with its low-code environment, powered by crowd-sourced intelligence, pre-built templates, and developer SDKs Boomi
  • Trust and Compliance
    With the industry’s best uptime, Boomi handles all your toughest technical challenges — including upgrades, security and compliance — regardless of whether you’re deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid IT landscape
  • Insights and Intelligence
    With your applications and data together in a unified platform, you gain a 360-degree view of your business to identify patterns and unlock the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning


  • Complete on-demand integration and replication provider
  • Connect any combination of Saas, cloud and on-premise application
  • No need to install and maintain software and appliances

Proprietary Tools

  • Continuous Integration
    Effortless real-time or scheduled data synchronization between different systems. Flexible process settings allow easy definition and handling of complex workflows, including different data transformations, result writebacks and dynamic mapping
  • Performance
    Under the hood, DMT has a performance engine. Data caching and batching, reduce processing time and resource consumption. Parallel-based architecture automatically distributes the load across the clusters
  • Monitoring and Analytics
    In AddaxDMT, monitoring of data streams is mission-critical. Any unexpected failures or problems will be immediately reported with the possibility of reprocessing. Analytics tools provide a variety of features for creating reports across systems
  • Backup
    DMT tool makes creation of scheduled backups and upload in simple SQL or NoSQL databases effortless
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