Salesforce Integration

AddaxCRM helps you connect your Salesforce CRM solution with various applications to ensure flawless data flow across your enterprise

Why go for Salesforce Integration?

AddaxCRM helps you connect your Salesforce CRM solution with various applications to ensure flawless data flow across your enterprise

Cross department collaboration

  • Improve communication between diverse functions within your business to boost productivity
  • Connect geographically dispersed business units with up-to-date information for better coordination

Cross functional reporting

  • Make smarter decisions with insights generated based on data from multiple sources
  • Provide single screen dashboards to top management for a bird’s-eye view of performance across functions

IT Cost reduction

  • Rationalize your IT application portfolio with a full stack Salesforce CRM integrated with legacy systems and replace smaller isolated IT applications
  • Automate data management tasks and workflows, boost data accuracy and increase operational visibility for optimization of IT costs and maximizing ROI

Customer satisfaction

  • Provide your support and sales reps with information from across CRM, ERP and social media applications for targeted and efficient customer communication
  • Decrease the probability of incorrect communication due to data mismatch by automating data validation and de-duplication among different applications

Process improvement and Regulatory compliance

  • Enhance your existing business process as per industry practices with a rich blend of the out-of-the-box features that Salesforce offers
  • Integrate all existing lead management channels to a unified CRM platform for seamless data flow to the sales departments and conversion tracking
  • Improve Sales, Marketing and service productivity by automation of follow up tasks and automatic integration with financial and operational enterprise systems
  • Strengthen compliance with a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations available with Salesforce, including HIPPA, FINRA, and NFA

Technologies we are experts in

Front end

HTML, CSS, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, Redux


PHP, Node JS, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, Kotlin


MySQL, Microsoft SQL server


XML, JSON, Middleware and APIs, Webservices

Mobile App

Android OS, iOS

AddaxCRM Salesforce Integration Services

Whether the systems that you use are internal to your organization or 3rd party, on-premise or cloud-based, off-the-shelf or even completely custom made, AddaxCRM is adept to handle integration challenges of any complexity. From simple application integration for data exchange to combining complex business rules for automating end-to-end processes, everything is possible with the endless integration options available with Salesforce.

Marketing Automation Integration

  • Close the loop by integrating existing email and marketing automation tools such as MailChimp and Hubspot
  • Track responses to email campaigns, clicks and bounce rates in real-time and run automated follow-up campaigns
  • Create effective landing pages, track user behavior in real time and pass captured leads to sales CRM systems effortlessly

Custom Database Integration

  • Integrate with existing disparate databases internal to your enterprise while preserving the data structures and database design unique to your business
  • Integrate across multiple database platforms such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, Redshift, Amazon S3

ERP and Accounting Integration

  • Easily check product wise inventory status, shipment status and estimated order delivery time by integrating logistics applications such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, and Sage Business Cloud
  • Forecast sales better by fetching quote and invoice data through integration with accounting solutions such as Quickbooks (desktop/ online), Netsuite and Sage

E-commerce and Portal Integration

  • Track your customer’s click journeys and influence shopping behavior in real-time with targeted offers, product recommendations, and discounts
  • Manage the entire customer journey from click-to-pay by integrating inventory management, invoicing and logistics applications.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Collect one-time or recurring payments securely and store transaction information with seamless integration with payment platforms such as, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree
  • Improve revenues for your e-commerce business and boost contributions for your non-profit by integrating with easy-to-use, intuitive payment interfaces

Custom app integration

  • Integrate applications specific to your business such as project management and collaboration tools, chat and survey software, custom mobile apps and much more
  • Implement secure single sign-on with Salesforce integration for providing convenient access to all users to relevant data based on their roles
  • Integrate with a wide range of cloud providers and app building platforms such as Amazon AWS, Heroku, Google App engine and Digital Ocean
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