Web Development Services

AddaxCRM provides customized mobile and web development services for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from e-commerce to CRM.


  • Responsive, SEO optimized e-commerce portals to take your brand online
  • Complete front-end development for the click-to-pay journey. From product search, shopping cart navigation and payment integration
  • Complete backend development with product, order, and delivery management modules, including reports and dashboards

Custom Web Development

  • Industry-specific customized web applications for automating enterprise processes or building an online brand presence
  • Web portals for customers, partners, vendors and other external stakeholders as well as employees in order to boost productivity
  • Integration with existing enterprise applications including CRM systems for seamless data management

Custom CRM Solutions

  • Implement completely customized CRM solutions to suit your niche business needs, customer preferences and specific employee requirements
  • Plan as per your budget and timeline requirements. Build one CRM module at a time and track adoption and effectiveness, before taking up the next one
  • End to end development of CRM modules – sales, marketing, and service - from scratch
  • Integration of custom CRM solution with enterprise systems, mailing applications and web portals for a 360-degree customer view

Progressive and Native Web Apps

  • Progressive app is a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web
  • Progressive apps are fast loading and great for SEO
  • A Mobile environment that does not have to be build on Mobile platform
  • Easy to upgrade across all mobile platforms and browsers
  • Shell apps are built to be placed on Google play and Apple store
  • Cost effective to built and service across all mobile platforms and bowsers

How AddaxCRM Works?

At AddaxCRM, we bring to the table, CRM domain expertise and top quality technical resources to ensure maximum ROI from your Salesforce CRM implementation. We take care of each and every factor critical to the success of the implementation while adhering strictly to timelines and budgets.
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