How Client Portal Increases The Loyalty Of Your Clients


Customers have always been at the center of all processes carried out by an organization. When you tailor your services according to the needs and preferences of your clients, you are bound to get the desired traction. Salesforce has been providing personalized CRM solutions to organizations for more than two decades, helping users record, store, analyze, track, and share valuable customer records. With adequate Salesforce customization, you can tailor the platform on the basis of your clients’ requirements, building a healthy relationship with them. 

Being a fairly vast CRM platform, Salesforce has divided its offerings into different ‘Clouds’. Each of these platforms is dedicated to catering to a specific industry or department within an organization. With the Experience Cloud, its latest initiative, Salesforce allows users to build connected digital experiences that allow organizations to cater to their clients in a holistic manner. 

Formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud helps you create dedicated portals for your partners, clients, and employees. This allows you to deliver personalized content to specific parties in the form of websites, mobile apps, and storefronts. 

Increasing Client Loyalty With Modern Client Portals

Salesforce Experience Cloud allows you to build a dedicated portal for your clients to provide them with personalized assistance. These self-service portals help your clients get their issues resolved without reaching out to the support agents. 

Modern client portals are designed to automate the support provided to the clients. Traditional client portals and helpdesks are no longer relevant in the age of digitization as they often result in unnecessary delays and provide more or less generic support to the customers. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can build a client portal that allows your clients to obtain personalized solutions to their problems. 

In the wake of increasing digitization, the importance of speed and personalization has increased. When you offer quick and tailor-made support to your clients, it makes them feel special and improves their relationship with you.

Here are some of the key reasons why a modern client portal increases the loyalty of your clients:

Automated Knowledge Base

Salesforce Experience Cloud allows you to build a client portal with an automated knowledge base. The enterprise knowledge base is an asset that is often under-utilized by organizations when it comes to providing personalized support to their clients. Being a central repository of all information relevant to the services you provide and the clients you cater to, an automated knowledge base is the pillar of your client portal. 

Whenever your clients face an issue or have a query, they can simply log into the portal and obtain answers to their questions from the knowledge base. The portal allows them to retrieve specific information from the data stored within the repository.

Logging A Service Request

When your clients are in need of personalized support, the portal allows them to log service requests with a few simple clicks. Instead of reaching out to support agents by writing emails and making calls, the client portal helps them make service requests almost immediately. As soon as the request is logged, the portal would notify suitable representatives to look into the same and provide personalized help to the concerned client.

Changing Or Resetting Passwords

The IT staff working in an organization often spends a good amount of time handling repetitive requests such as changing or resetting passwords. This ends up distracting employees from performing the core tasks. When you build a client portal via Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can handle such requests in an automated manner. 

Instead of reaching out to the IT staff, client portals allow your clients to change or reset their passwords without getting any IT professional or support representative involves. The portal allows them to authenticate their identities and make the required changes within a few seconds. 

Creating Collaborative Spaces

The reason why Salesforce Experience Cloud was formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud is that it allowed users to create branded communities for individuals having similar interests and goals. With the client portal offered by the Experience Cloud, you can create community forums for your customers that act as virtual meeting grounds for them. 

There will always be doubts, queries, and confusion that are common between multiple clients. If your customers are not willing to reach out to the customer support executives and wait for their responses, they can simply join a community forum and discuss their issues with other members. The portal allows your clients to share suggestions, tips, and recommendations on a centralized platform, allowing their peers to receive seamless assistance without getting an agent involved.

Use Of Engaging Content Formats

Customers are no longer willing to read lengthy manuals and handbooks with plain text. Salesforce Experience Cloud allows you to build customer portals where you can add content in multiple engaging formats, including images, videos, infographics, animations, and more. This increases the retention span of the users consuming the information and makes customer support more effective. 

Connecting To Social Media

In the age of digitization, the relevance of social media can never be overlooked. Salesforce Experience Cloud allows you to connect your client portal to a dedicated social media feed where support agents and clients can interact with each other. Instead of every client reaching out to dedicated agents and the agents looking into one case at a time, using social media for providing holistic support helps you streamline your processes. 

Driving More Engagement

When you provide quick and personalized support to your customers through a centralized portal, you are bound to see an improvement in engagement. Being there for clients at all times helps you build a relationship of trust with them and increase their loyalty towards your company. 

The Final Word

These were some of the ways in which a modern client portal helps you increase the loyalty of your clients. With Salesforce revamping the Community Cloud as Salesforce Experience Cloud, the CRM platform makes sure that you win over your clients with steadfast services.

Author: Yaroslav
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