Custom CRM

We design, build and maintain customized CRM software for enterprises of all sizes and complexity

Addax custom CRM development services

We understand your unique business processes and objectives, design a CRM solution that perfectly aligns with them, and contribute with a host of development best practices that substantially enrich the CRM application. We understand employee preferences about mobile accessibility, collaborative chat environments, and easy-to-use interfaces and incorporate the same into your CRM solution.

CRM software design

  • Documentation of sales, marketing and service processes unique to your business
  • Demarcation of user roles and access permissions as per organizational hierarchy
  • Field level specifications for accurate application design including notification triggers and approval workflows
  • Database design based on niche business objects and unique product/ service structures

CRM development

  • Intuitive, mobile responsive UI in line with company branding and employee preferences
  • Well-structured navigation and search functionalities for ease of use
  • Web forms, complex process flows, tools and calculators as per custom business logic
  • State of the art front-end technologies including React.Js, Vue.Js, and Angular for best performance

System Integration

  • Integration with existing enterprise databases such as MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, Mongo DB, Amazon S3 and others
  • Integration with ERP and accounting applications such as Dynamics NAV, Sage S3, Quickbooks, Netsuite among others
  • Integration with custom web portals and mobile apps
  • Integration with payment systems such as Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, and

Data Migration and Support

  • Data cleansing, de-duplication, and migration from legacy systems
  • Handling of diverse file formats, data structures, and business rules through a combination of a utomated and manual techniques
  • Ongoing bug fixing and customization for improving the CRM solution as per changing business requirements
  • Fixing performance issues by analyzing the cause and fine-tuning server configuration

CRM Modules we develop

Salesforce Automation

Manage leads and grow your sales pipeline with automated follow-up activities

Marketing Management

Reach your target audience with personalized offers and branding messages

Customer Service Automation

Speed up issue resolution and reduce service costs with automated escalation mechanisms

Customer Data Analytics

Custom reports and dashboards for insights into purchase behavior and satisfaction levels

Partner Management

Manage partner lifecycle including onboarding, training and performance tracking

Loyalty Management

Drive cross sell and up sell and improve customer retention with targeted offers

Order management

Automate Quote to Order process with invoicing and accounting integration

Mobile CRM apps

Empower your sales force with customer information on the go

Why go for Custom CRM software?

If your business has outgrown spreadsheets and is too niche or complicated to align to an off the shelf CRM product, a custom CRM application can do the trick for you. In many cases, custom CRM solutions have proven to be less costly and more flexible in the long run, compared to off the shelf CRM products, depending on the nature of the business.

100% fit to requirements

  • Have complete control over the functionalities and use only what is required
  • Add features and modules easily over time as your business grows, with tight control over the costs and timelines

Zero licensing hassles

  • Benefit from usage-based pricing compared to per-user licensing offered by out of the box CRM systems
  • Eliminate the requirement of licensing audits and repeated licensing purchases for an increasing number of users

Rapid Adoption

  • Reduce time for user training by aligning the CRM software with your unique business processes
  • Tightly integrate multiple niche applications used across your enterprise with custom APIs and data flow mechanisms
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